Stray Cats at ARTPARK Amphitheatre

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Artpark Amphitheatre | Lewiston, New York

The most awaited pop music event is coming to Lewiston as Stray Cats showcases the pop rhythms LIVE on Tuesday 13th August 2024 at Artpark Amphitheatre, New York. Buckle up for a pop-rock-infused concert experience as Stray Cats puts up the crowd-engaging performance mixed with pop and rock melodies. Pumping up the crowd with their catchy beats and dynamic vocals, the slashing guitar riffs and booming drum beats will also be the focus of the evening to bring the top concert experience of your life. Bagging multiple awards from several musical platforms, Stray Cats will lean on the live shows to display their record-breaking hits that you will surely enjoy. Performing their best tracks from their decorated discography, it's time for a musical celebration, feeding the audience with a monumental musical vibe that you will feel through your bones. Don't miss this pop-rock party as Stray Cats brings a beat-driven performance that will make you go bouncy. Secure your tickets now!

The definition of a alternative pop star fits Stray Cats perfectly! This performer hits all the boxes of intense charisma, engaging stage presence, audacious performances, armed with a arsenal of award-winning hits, and let's not forget, an army of devoted fans.

It all started with a debut single that merely started only with some spins on streaming services. Since then,, the track has inched its way through fans favoriting it and then sharing it with a friend group. Social media action – sharing, tweeting, likes, heart reacts, and all those other emojis have turned this hit into a viral sensation overnight, so they say. With the endless streams and an ever-growing social media following, Stray Cats has created a global monster hit! In no time, it’s not only the songs that got the attention of fans. As a rising pop-star, listeners have come to love the warm personality behind hits. Since then, this artist has turned into a viral hit machine! Creating a whole host of songs that capture the deepest of emotions. Listners can not get enough of listening to their pop idol on youtube, TV shows, or spotify. Stray Cats has a complete pack of songs enough to return all the love and support to the fandom in the best way possible! The timing is indeed ripe for launching Stray Cats to mount the live concert stage – their locked and loaded, ready to connect with an immense number of ardent fans, who have longingly manifested and dreamed for this event to come.

Bring out your light sticks, and your lungs and vocal cords! Stray Cats is currently embarking on this concert tour set to hit numerous cities and states this summer. Lewiston in New York fans - you're in for one hell of a concert to bring you and other members of the Stray Cats crowd together to scream, sing out loud, and take concert selfies and groufies as much as you want. You may have seen video spoilers around social media? But nothing compares to the exhilarating real experience of seeing your favorite pop star blowing your mind and giving a show-stopping stage performance right before your very eyes! The anticipation for this event keeps growing by the minute, in direct proportion to the demand for tickets. Get a tight grip on this opportunity now, for your pop hero in action. Click that "buy tickets" button above to secure your tickets now!

Stray Cats at Artpark Amphitheatre

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